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The CineSkinny Film Club

Return to Seoul

Wed 26 April 2023

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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Film still: A woman with dark hair, wearing red lipstick and a leather coat, looks over her shoulder on a neon street.

Park Ji-min in Return to Seoul

The CineSkinny Film Club presents a free screening of Return to Seoul, which follows a headstrong young woman on a journey of self-discovery.

The CineSkinny Film Club sponsored by MUBI presents a free screening of the much-anticipated Return to Seoul. It’s a funny, spiky, always surprising film centred on a knockout performance by first-time actor Park Ji-min, whose beguiling character Frédérique "Freddie" Benoît shares all the same qualities.

The headstrong Freddie is a 25-year-old Korean woman who was adopted at birth by French parents but finds herself returning to her homeland on a witty and poignant journey of self-discovery. In a film filled with impeccable needle drops, we follow this charismatic force of nature over several years as she confronts hard truths, indulges in some bad behaviour and explores the feeling of both coming home and coming of age in a culture she feels outside of.

With its sharp chapter structure and its focus on a complex and often contradictory young female protagonist, Return to Seoul has often been compared to last year’s indie hit The Worst Person in the World. Those similarities are accurate, but director Davy Chou’s film is its own beast: a jagged, bittersweet comedy that features the performance of the year from Park as the central character. We can’t wait to show this to The Skinny’s readers on the big screen.

The CineSkinny Film Club and MUBI are screening Return to Seoul for free in Glasgow ahead of its UK cinema release on 5 May.

Maximum two RSVPs per person. Admission is on a first-come-first-serve basis, so please arrive early to secure your seat. Doors open at 7pm, film starts at 7.15pm with no trailers, please arrive promptly. If you need to discuss access requirements, please book your tickets then contact us on

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