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The voice is a search party | Mele Broomes

Sat 19 August 2023

Tickets no longer available
Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

A shadow stretches out over a field of grass and dandelions.

The voice is a search party

Responding to Samra’s Mayanja’s film ‘Blueprint for the Deep’ and its surrounding themes of sound, erasure and survival in the abyss. Mele Broomes will lead Black and POC participants in a sonic workshop, or choir, that centres on the fall and response - the sway, the swing and the break that requires you to trust that your voice will be felt in the void whether in this moment or another.

This workshop will begin with a physical warm-up using stretching, a call and response technique and creative writing tasks. Following this, participants will be guided to generate movement and choreography through improvised responses. The movement will then be accompanied with self-generated sounds. Using a TC Helicon, you will work with your own voice and text to create melodies and sound scores.

Please note

This event is exclusively for Black people and people of colour. The workshop is open level and no experience is required.

Confluence Public Programme

At 7.30pm, the programme continues with Of Sea Changes and Other Futurisms, which everyone is invited to join.

Mele Broomes’ work embodies stories from the collective voice, creating visceral and sensory collaborations. Her work GRIN was presented at Battersea Art Centre, London, screened at Theatre Centre Canada and as part of the Cultura Inglesa Festival in Brazil. In 2021, Mele was commissioned by Scottish Dance Theatre to create Amethyst, a theatre production and digital publication. Mele is the director and founder of Body Remedy, a (forming) ecology that centres on physical practice for self recovery for black people and people of colour.

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14+ accompanied by an adult


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Tickets: This event is exclusive for Black people and POC


Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available