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The CineSkinny Film Club

There's Nothing Out There

Tue 3 October 2023

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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Pictures shows a blonde woman who has been possessed by an alien being. The woman has green, glowing eyes.

Still from There's Nothing Out There

With Halloween coming up, The CineSkinny Film Club are teaming up with MUBI to delve into the archived and unearth an unsung gem from 1991: Rolfe Kanefsky’s mile-a-minute horror-comedy There's Nothing Out There.

This is a film for people who love scary movies! Its hero is also someone who loves scary movies. Long before the Scream franchise gave us a cast of pretty, cineliterate slasher victims who were cracking wise on horror cliches while they were stalked and slashed, there was There's Nothing Out There’s Mike (Craig Peck), the ultimate know-it-all horror movie buff.

Mike has watched every horror film at his local video rental store, and this love of scary movies has ruined his social life but it might save his actual life, especially on a weekend trip to a cabin in the woods with a bunch of horny, partying friends, who are obvious cannon fodder in an 80s-style slasher movie.

Kanefsky made the film when he was just 19 and it brims over with impetuous, youthful energy. This is a teen exploitation horror cheese-fest that knows it’s an exploitation horror cheese-fest, with a knowingly terrible alien killer and some gloriously on-the-nose 80s movie stylings, from a ridiculous frisbee montage to a creative use of a boom mic that’s accidentally fallen into shot. You’ll love every silly second.

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