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Chto Delat

Times, Lines, 1989s: A Questionnaire

Sat 10 August — Sun 8 September 2019

Perestroika Timeline Montage

If you could choose one thing to add to a historical timeline of Glasgow, what would it be?

As part of their exhibition at CCA this coming August, following a public call-out, Russian art collective Chto Delat are building an alternative Glasgow timeline in the CCA exhibition spaces. Additional stories will be added to the timeline once the exhibition is open (10 August - 8 September). Chto Delat are inviting responses from anyone who feels they have a story or important event to share, or feels something is missing in the way the history of Glasgow has been discussed or promoted - any event of local, global or personal significance from 1989 to the present day.

A key part of the exhibition will be a History Production Station – an ongoing workshop space that provides tools for challenging accepted histories, authority and linear experience. In this space, members of the public can contribute to the timeline. You can also submit via this questionnaire.

We are interested to hear what you feel is an important event to record, and why. It could be any kind of event that is important to you, your family or wider community - positive and/or negative - that has shaped or transformed your experience the city in the last thirty years.

The event could be something very small or mundane, it could be a feeling, or a personal encounter, an artwork, a new street name, the birth of someone you know, a political action, the publication of a book, a chance meeting - it could also be a global event or change that has affected Glasgow in some way - anything that has been important to the way you see, feel and use the city.

This project is about exploring alternative histories and understanding the different forces of transformation the city has faced. Chto Delat's idea is to try to build a more complex understanding of what has shaped the city, in order to think about how to work, build and live in the future.

If you would like to take part, you can complete this questionnaire. If you would prefer to submit you event in a different way we would love to chat to you in person, or on the phone. Contact Clara Bondier if you would like to hear more.

More information about Chto Delat's projects can be found at

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