The S.A.N.E. Collective !! Time's Up for Neoliberalism

Sat 21 April 2018

Times up neoliberalism

Everyone's talking about neoliberalism, as we struggle with its discontents and contemplate its end. Glasgow-based SANE (Solidarity Against Neo-liberal Extremism) and RDM (Real Democracy Movement) offer their recent work as part of the expanding global toolkit for change. SANE launches a 10-week popular education course on neoliberalism at the CCA in May, and at this event will pilot 2 of the modules - Soul Damage & Ecocide. The RDM has been working with a range of organisations and individuals on A People's Charter. They have also used "game theory" in working on Scenario Planning for a Corbyn government. And the final one of the 4 components launched at this event is a short manifesto for revolutionary change entitled "Time's Up for Neoliberalism".




1pm, Free but ticketed, UWS room
Book Online / 0141 352 4900