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Tomoko Konoike

Stories Stitched and Sewn

Fri 11 June — Sat 24 July 2021

Tomoko Konoike

Presented in the CCA foyer, this travelling display of embroidered placemats tells personal stories, gathered by Japanese artist Tomoko Konoike while travelling around Akita Prefecture, Setouchi, Tasmania and Finland. Tomoko began this Storytelling Table Runner project in 2014 and has to date gathered 230 of these mats, which can be brought together in a row to make a long table runner of stories.

“My project was to sew these people's stories into craft objects. (…) I listen to people's stories and let them run through my imagination. I check the details with them, and sometimes things are not completely clear, so I have to fudge a little, and then I make my sketches. Everybody brings their lunch and gathers around the table, and they teach one another how to sew based on those sketches. They exchange materials, and for those who cannot sew we find people to help them. Some people choose to take their projects home and do them on their own there, and that too is important. The end result is sewing projects that embody a wide range of emotions, turned into 'living things' before our eyes. (…) Crafts have a certain immature, destructive power that is familiar to children, doing things once and only once, who cannot think of anything beyond living in this present moment.”

Tomoko will be discussing this project as part of Neighbouring, a four-day online workshop that brings together practitioners from Japan and Scotland, with fairy-tale scholar Mayako Murai and invited contributors from Glasgow on Fri 18 June at 10am. Tickets available via Eventbrite

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