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Tulani Hlalo: Trophy Room

Fri 17 November — Sat 9 December 2023

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

A dog's face surrounded by a large pink and purple fabric rosetta. The dog's face is stark white with a funny expression

You're A Winner Baby (2023)

‘I don't wanna talk,
About things we've gone through,
Though it's hurting me,
Now it's history

I've played all my cards,
And that's what you've done too,
Nothing more to say
No more ace to play

The winner takes it all
The loser's standing small
Beside the victory
That's her destiny’

Trophy Room is a culmination of past and present works exploring how identity is defined and changes, using creative competitive dog grooming as a visual language to explore these ideas through moving image, performance, sculpture and installation. Often employing humour and grotesque elements, Hlalo’s research investigates the sense of belonging and of “being in between” cultures. These bizarre grooms raise questions about consent, expectation, categorisation and representation of identity. Reflecting on how they are staged, constructed and performed within social, cultural and racial categories that frame our subjectivities. These incongruous clashes and assimilations of different characters and objects play with the concept of self-recognition. Can the dogs recognise themselves after being turned into something so far from their own look and nature? Self-awareness is the ability to think about yourself as an individual and to realise that you are separate from others around you—to have a sense of self. The sense and perception of “us” and “them” is altered. Amazed, disoriented, these images make us question: What are you? Maybe these canine friends are also asking themselves: What am I?


Join us for an opening on Friday 17th November, 6pm - 9pm, then open 11am-6pm Tue-Sat.

Tulani Hlalo

Tulani Hlalo (b.1994, Newcastle upon Tyne) is based in Glasgow and works primarily with textiles, sculpture and video. Through costume, performativity and the absurd, her practice examines and explores ‘how identities are staged, constructed and performed within social, cultural and racial categories that inform our subjectivities.’ Her work has been exhibited across the UK and Europe. Her recent exhibitions include: Baggage Claim, Staffordshire Street (London, U.K.), The Sound of A Falling Tree, TUESDAY TO FRIDAY (Valencia, ESP), Extreme Competitive, ALMANAC Inn (Turin, IT).

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