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UNFIX Festival: Feeding Demons Workshop with Verónica Mota

Sat 30 March 2019

Vero Moto Workshop Feeding Demons WEB txir

From the perspective of Mexican Shamanism, Chi-Kung, and Kung-Fu, Verónica Mota guides us to work with our shadows. We will work with the energy flow through our systems and practice the Chöd Method by the female Tibetan Buddhist teacher Machig Laddrön. This is a syndicalisation simulation session touching upon dissent and acknowledging material embodiments of the urban everyday.

Please note this workshop sits outside the UNFIX festival pass and has a separate charge of £5/£3 + £1 booking fee.

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1pm, £5 (£3) + £1 booking fee, Creative Lab
Book Online / 0141 352 4900