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UNFIX Festival: ReBirth!

Sun 18 December 2016

UNFIX Festival: ReBirth!

UNFIX is an evolving festival of live performance, dance, film, workshop and debate seeking to unravel the knots in how we’re living. Ecological crisis and cultural renewal addressed as they happen inside your body, RIGHT NOW.

With our next event ReBirth! we’re offering a communal experience urging CULTURAL // SOCIAL // ECONOMIC // ENVIRONMENTAL // PSYCHIC renewal. A sequel to aCOPalypse Now! (December 2015), UNFIX ReBirth! brings together artists and activists to explore birth, death and sustainability.

Birth is literal, metaphorical and happening all around us. It’s often painful and traumatic, gestating and exploding. Rebirth can be seen as a cyclical process of renewing ourselves, either intentionally or because we’re forced to.

The context is a death-drive of meanness and small thinking: Brexit, Trump, assaults on human rights, terrorism, Othering, aggression and FEAR.

What to do? Where can we source hope and renewal? How can we transform the death rattle?

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12noon (Events throughout the day); Day pass: £12 (£8) + £1 bf
All ages (children to be accompanied by an adult)
Book online / 0141 352 4900