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UNFIX Festival Saturday

Sat 30 March 2019

Body Craft Nightparade

11am - Welcome To Sodom (Black Box Films) (18+ / Cinema)

Agbogbloshie, Accra is the largest electronic waste dump in the world. About 6000 women, men and children live and work here. They call it "Sodom". Every year about 250,000 tons of sorted out computers, smartphones, air conditions tanks and other devices from a far away electrified and digitalized world end up here. Illegally.

Cleverly interwoven, the destinies of the various protagonists unravel the complex story of this apocalyptic society. Their very personal inner voices allow a deep insight into life and work at this place – and of Sodom itself.

And you can be sure - it will most probably be the final destination of the smartphone, the computer you buy today.

This screening is kindly supported by Goethe Institut.

12:45pm - How big is here? How long is now? The work of Newton Harrision | The Barn (14+ / Cinema)

Taking the recent Newton Harrison exhibition at The Barn, Aberdeenshire as a starting point, we examine how Scotland might become the first industrialised nation to give back more to the web of life than it takes.

Over his fifty-year career, Newton Harrison has created ambitious artworks that put the health of the life web first. Beginning with Harrison and his wife Helen Mayer as pioneers of the arts and ecology movement and culminating in the artist's most recent, radical proposal for Scotland. With urgent action needed, we ask what can the arts do for Ecology?

1pm - Feeding Demons Workshop with Verónica Mota (18+ / Creative Lab)

From the perspective of Mexican Shamanism, Chi-Kung, and Kung-Fu, Verónica Mota guides us to work with our shadows. We will work with the energy flow through our systems and practice the Chöd Method by the female Tibetan Buddhist teacher Machig Laddrön. This is a syndicalisation simulation session touching upon dissent and acknowledging material embodiments of the urban everyday. Please note this workshop sits outside the UNFIX festival pass and has a separate charge of £5/£3 + £1 booking fee. Book tickets for the workshop here.

3pm - Green Tease / Creative Carbon Scotland (18+ / Clubroom)

Can you harness the imagination and influence of the arts and culture to create a more sustainable Scotland? Green Tease is an ongoing informal events programme connecting cultural practices and environmental sustainability across Scotland. Since 2013 Green Tease has offered a platform for those interested in building links between the arts and sustainability through the exchange of ideas, knowledge and practices.

6pm & 7:15pm - Collective Lover / Niya B (18+ / Clubroom)

Niya invites the audience to explore intimacy, gender and desire in a post-porn era of environmental destruction, food crisis and species loneliness. Stemming from their previous work Trans:plant where the artist lived with a large gender-ambiguous family of Aloe Vera plants, they ask: How does it feel to see the earth as a lover and not as a mother?

6pm & 7:15pm - BODYCRAFT: every.word.for.cold / NIGHTPARADE (18+ / Creative Lab)

A butoh-inspired performance piece exploring surveillance, stillness, and a future where manipulation of the face, body, and even DNA is a tool of resistance. Inspired by Ito’s Uzumaki, the story of the Yuki-Onna, and many hours reading sci-fi novels, the performance takes us to the uncanny valley and leaves us there shivering and alone.

6:30pm - VIDIV (18+ / Theatre)

VIDIV is a collaboration between p6 (Stretchheads / Desalvo / Security), Martin P Scott (Aereogramme / Lola Colt) & Johnny Doc (Take A Worm For A Walk Week / Twilight Sad) for performance based spoken word & ritual. Using electronic harsh noise, symbolic ceremony and cathartic interaction with viewers.

8pm - Latent Dreams / Katrine Turner (18+ / Cinema)

Latent Dreams is about the Apocalypse. About the rising sea waters, and the invisible plagues. Using the frame of Hollywood films, the performance unravels the inherent capitalist ideologies embodied in popular concepts of the Apocalypse. Inspired by the quote “it’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism”, Latent Dreams is about the futures we allow ourselves to envision.

9pm - Human Form / Minako Seki (18+ / Theatre)

Japanese butoh master Minako Seki blurs the boundaries between human and artificial bodies. Exploring the liminal space between physicality and the artificiality Minkao draws inspirations from puppets and robots borrowing elements from animation art, Japanese gardens and architecture.


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