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UNFIX Festival Sunday

Sun 31 March 2019

Becoming Animal uvsa

12noon - Movement Workshop with Minako Seki (18+ / Creative Lab)

The Minako Seki Method departs from imagination and the endless possibilities of it. Through imagination, we can connect consciousness with unconsciousness, as well as micro-cosmos with macro-cosmos.

Imagination is our creative impulse and our motor for artistic expression.During the workshop we use the power of imagination as main source, to evoke our senses and create natural quality in the physical principles of movement. Please note this workshop sits outside the UNFIX festival pass and has a separate charge of £15/£10 + £1 booking fee. Book tickets for the workshop here.

1:30pm - Talk / Extinction Rebellion (18+ / Cinema)

Extinction Rebellion is an international movement in over 30 countries whose aim is to take urgent and creative action in the face of climate breakdown and ecological catastrophe, as part of the global climate justice movement. Find out more at

2pm - Becoming Animal / Emma Davie + Peter Mettler (18+ / Cinema)

Becoming Animal is an urgent and immersive audiovisual quest, forging a path into the places where humans and other animals meet, where we pry open our senses to witness the so-called natural world—which in turn witnesses us, prompting us to reflect on the very essence of what it means to inhabit our animal bodies.

2pm - Embedded Artist | Christiana Bissett (18+ / roving performance)

As Embedded Artist supported by ecoartscotland, Christiana will participate in UNFIX festival and present a series of reflections and provocations on the political nature of measurement in the time of environmental crisis. Video works will be made available on the ecoartscotland blog throughout the festival.

3:30pm - The Dark Mountain Project Double Bill (18+ / Creative Lab)

A Dance Called the Anthropocene (Dougie Strang) - A Dance Called the Anthropocene is an immersive theatre experience, exploring attitudes towards ecological crisis. Together we'll consider what it feels like to be in denial, to be angry, to wish for solutions or despair at the lack of them. Together we'll find a way to dance in the Anthropocene.

The Red Thread (Charlotte Du Cann) - The Red Thread follows the ancient Cretan story of Ariadne and the Labyrinth, piecing together the shards of a more potent myth. What lies underneath this prison? Who is the Minotaur? How can the embodiment of this mystery help us deconstruct the maze of our own civilisation and liberate our future selves? Part performance, part presentation, part interactive storytelling, this session explores how we might step into the labyrinth to discover a way out of our present predicament.

6pm - A Recipe for Planters Punch / Alberta Whittle (18+ / Clubroom)

The performance piece, A Recipe for Planters Punch is part of a continued exploration of blackness, Diaspora and surveillance. Using reenactment from different sources, including satirical print, A West India Sportsman published by William Holland, choones by Rihanna and memories of the Middle Passage, this piece dives into histories of colonial debt, reparations and visualities of race.

In this piece Whittle locates conditions of blackness as intrinsically related to historical and contemporary methods of surveillance, which fix blackness through a lens of the Other. Embedded within these methods is the afterlife of slavery, which leaves its print on everything.

6pm & 8:20pm - Points of Presence / Adam Fish (18+ / Cinema)

Few users of social media and mobile devices recognise how their everyday swipes, likes, and retweets mobilises a global megastructure that spans the earth, impacts ecologies, and plunges under the sea. This experimental 20-minute video submerges the audience in the socio-ecological tangles of the materiality of the internet.

6:40pm - Scratch Night / The Work Room (18+ / Theatre)

The Work Room is artist-led organisation supporting independent movement artists in Scotland. UNFIX Festival has invited members of The Work Room to respond to the themes of UNFIX as dancers, movers and choreographers, with the proposition that dance is uniquely well place to explore the ecological reality of our bodies.

9pm - Shrimp Dance / Paul Michael Henry with Jer Reid & Jamie Wardrop (18+ / Theatre)

A performance fusing Butoh dance, music and video to explore a deeply weird scientific experiment. Anti-depressants entering the sea through human waste cause shrimp to abandon their shadowy habitat and swim towards the light where they’re often eaten.



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