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UNFIX Festival: The Dark Mountain Project Double Bill

Sun 31 March 2019

The Dark Mountain Project A Conversation xd88

A Dance Called the Anthropocene (Dougie Strang)

A Dance Called the Anthropocene is an immersive theatre experience, exploring attitudes towards ecological crisis. Together we'll consider what it feels like to be in denial, to be angry, to wish for solutions or despair at the lack of them. Together we'll find a way to dance in the Anthropocene.

The Red Thread (Charlotte Du Cann)

The Red Thread follows the ancient Cretan story of Ariadne and the Labyrinth, piecing together the shards of a more potent myth. What lies underneath this prison? Who is the Minotaur? How can the embodiment of this mystery help us deconstruct the maze of our own civilisation and liberate our future selves? Part performance, part presentation, part interactive storytelling, this session explores how we might step into the labyrinth to discover a way out of our present predicament.


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