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University of Glasgow
Post Digital Day

Fri 26 April 2019

The term ‘post-digital’ is one that is ubiquitous in descriptions of both theoretical and practical research carried out across the range of subject areas comprising the University of Glasgow’s College of Arts. ‘Post-digital’ is variously understood as a term that signifies the period after the digital has become intertwined in all aspects of life, including the artistic, the economic, the political, the biological and the social. However, the term itself potentially bears further interrogation, at a point in time when its currency and usefulness across a range of disciplines begins, in some cases, to decline, and the apparently nebulous application of the term to practice, process and discourse therefore warrants closer scrutiny.

Held at Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Art, to encourage participation from the broader arts community in Glasgow, we present a practice-based research day that combines symposium-style activities with a live performance event, bringing together scholars and practitioners from across the school, college and further afield. Eschewing traditional paper sessions, we present idiosyncratic, ‘post-digital’ responses to current themes from a range of disciplinary perspectives.