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Keith Allan, Caroline Gallacher and Ric Warren: UNREST

Sat 8 October — Sat 15 October 2011

install view of the exhibition

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Taking the title UNREST as their starting point; Keith Allan, Caroline Gallacher and Ric Warren present various responses to instability, filtered throught their gendered and personal experiences of civic space. Individually produced new works co-curated to construct an interpreted environment inspired by urban forms (be them spatial, structural, material, social, political or personal).

Keith Allan's work explores the structures involved in the creation of various social arenas and how these are played out within the built environment. Caroline Gallagher's unfixed sculptural assemblages utilise materials that connote to juxtaposition of civic versus domestic space, jarring against each other to create works that are often overtly embedded with violence/eroticism. Ric Warren exposes political, cultural and physical boundaries within public space, drawing on the man made materials that contrive our traversal of the cityscape.

Part of the Intermedia Gallery Programming.

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