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Upcycle your Life with Bamilek, a sustainable Diaspora Streetwear Brand

Sat 23 September 2023

Tickets no longer available
Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Relaxed event

Relaxed event

Two people are sitting at a table customising clothing using markers, only their hands are visible.

Poster designed by Hazel Peters

You may not be able to get your life together in two hours, but you can upcycle and customise your clothes with us! The workshop will be led by BAMILEK LTD, a sustainable, African Diaspora Streetwear Brand, based in Scotland. At our workshop with Bamilek, we're cutting, cropping, doodling, customising and upcycling our clothing into something new.

Please bring an item of clothing you want to customise at our workshop.

All equipment will be provided.

Please not that this event is open to BPoC (Black and People of Colour) only


BAMILEK LTD is an African Diaspora Streetwear Brand, based in Scotland.

BAMILEK has a strong vision: “Everything we do, we do it to enrich our culture. We promote the maximalism, the individuality, the realness; we promote you. Our materials are sourced sustainably we create pieces that you can drip out in, while still being kind to the environment around us, by mixing our African culture with some street style we are able to design unique pieces that elevate your look.”

About the organiser

No Permission Needed Zine: No Permission Needed (NPN) is a print and online platform dedicated to celebrating the cultures, creativity, and experiences of Black and People of Colour (BPoC) outside of the dominant media/arts landscape. This event is brought to you as part of NPN's Sound Up programme, which is a series of events focused on facilitating moments of connection and joy between Black and People of Colour (BPoC) young people in Scotland.




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Creative Lab


5:00pm — 7:30pm

Doors open: 4:30pm




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Wheelchair accessible

Relaxed event

Tickets no longer available