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Uses of Anger

Thu 30 June 2022

Tickets no longer available
Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Dried rose petals and dried chamomile strewn on backdrop of shining gold leaf.

In Our Hands

This workshop will engage gentle body-based activities and discussion to explore anger and its transformative power. It's an emotion many of us find difficult to experience and express. It's often perceived as counterproductive, negative or destructive. As Black or global majority person communicating anger can feel particularly tricky and unsafe in white dominant spaces. This can often lead us to suppress or dismiss our experience. Yet anger, like other emotions, offers vital information about what is important to us and can be a potent force for the changes we want to create. The session aims to leave participants with ways into working with anger.

Facilitated by Omikemi & Jan-Ming Lee

The workshop is open to Black and Global Majority people, such as those who are Asian, Dual Heritage, Indigenous to the global South or racialised as 'ethnic minorities'.


Please note that travel expenses will be covered for those who need them.

Childcare and/or BSL and/or live translation are available, but need to be pre-booked in advance :)

If you would like to attend but there is anything difficult for you please get in touch. Contact:

(This workshop is an integral part of the In Our Hands - Radical Approaches to Health and Collective Care workshop series but had to be postponed to run at this later date).




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Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available