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Variant Editorial Group Divergence and antagonism: cultural communication and democracy in Scotland

Sat 8 October 2016

Variant Editorial Group

Variant's editorial group have conducted a study paced over the last couple of years into forms and practices of communication principally as they relate to artist-run activities in Scotland. In this, they are interested in how communication refers to a wide array of how they, alongside other social agents, engage in communicative and expressive cultural practices. But, importantly, they're interested in how these processes are also shaped by the active governance of culture in Scotland and institutional spaces of representation:

How can experiences be made sense of and what kinds of positions can be taken and voiced?
How do relationships between communication and representation open up or foreclose democratic possibilities?

Attempting to correlate between politics and aesthetics, Varient want to explore the relations that mark communication as political – in how what is visible and invisible, sayable and unsayable, audible and inaudible connects with how we come to conceptualise our ways of doing and making the world.

This event is part of RIB Project: not by the book.




4pm, Free (unticketed), Intermedia
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