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Glasgow Seed Library

Vegetal Resistance: NOMASMETAFORAS

Thu 1 June 2023

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Two masked figures standing along either side of a street light against bay at sunset.

Signaling the pluriverse. Photo: NOMASMETAFORAS.

How do plants heal the soil, air and water? Can growing be an act of resistance? What multispecies futures might flourish in ‘damaged landscapes’?

Join three online conversations with artists and researchers Emma Balkind, Debra Solomon and NOMASMETAFORAS.

Explore different types of resistance as practiced through experimental ethnobotany, the re-commoning of urban spaces and building more-than-human alliances.

About the speakers

The NOMASMETAFORAS collective, integrated by Clara Melniczuk (philosopher) and Julián Dupont (visual artist), works in the fields of contemporary art and experimental thought between France and Colombia.

Committed to the indigenous knowledge of the Cauca region in Colombia, their artistic practice is developed by activating spaces of radical listening and reflection that maintain a constant search to disarticulate Western anthropocentrism, allowing a multiple inhabitation beyond the human. They currently work as pedagogues at the Autonomous Intercultural Indigenous University in Colombia, where they are hosting a series of artistic and philosophical encounters named ‘Pedagogies of Spiral Imagination’.

About the series

Vegetal Resistance is curated by Sandy Sigala, artist-in-residence at Glasgow Seed Library, CCA. The seminar series is part of her research project which integrates alchemical thought and botanical knowledge, to build community resilience and earth care in the urban fabric.

Vegetal Resistance is supported by the Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities.

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