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Victoria Evans


Sat 10 August 2019


Victoria Evans presents Oscillations, a new immersive installation.

Inspired by science and the complex inter-relatedness of the physical world, the piece reflects Evans' interest in the way distant or invisible phenomena can have a tangible effect on our day-to-day lives.

Using a process of data sonification as a starting point, the artist makes audible the rhythmic, cyclical tidal patterns of the Clyde river and their interplay with lunar and solar orbits throughout the course of a year.

Combining a hypnotic multi-channel audio work with video and haptic elements, Oscillations connects to an audience on an immediate, physical level and creates a spatial and sonic landscape rich in sensory and poetic associations.


Victoria Evans is a Glasgow based artist working with video, sound, sculpture and installation, whose work is inspired by science, philosophy, politics and literature.




6pm - 9pm, Free (unticketed), Theatre
0141 352 4900