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Walking Through The Place

Thu 6 January — Sun 9 January 2022

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Relaxed event

Relaxed event

Aeji Seo, Unstable solidarity, 2021

In the contemporary art scene of recent years, there have been various changes to site-specific art as an attempt to restore criticality of art practices; especially ones closely linked to popular forms presented in the late 1960s and 70s. It was an anti-idealism and an anti-commercial movement, responding to art that was becoming institutionalized and swallowed away by the systems of hierarchy. Site-specific art thus become more flexible, free and personal. In this current time, we, recent graduates, are forced to have a digital exhibition as the alternative graduation show and accept ‘the new normal’ of limited contact and shows as our reality. In this ‘Walking through the place’, we are creating a site-specific exhibition to defy ‘the new normal’ to create our ‘new personal environment’ and thus make our own definition of new normal.

The exhibition space provided by CCA originally was used as a workshop site and not a space for exhibition. Here, we will try to create a temporary environment for 13 people. The exhibition itself is curated to be almost like an archive where works are situated in the manner ready to be moved, read and interacted with. This form of display underlines the fluidity and flexibility of the artworks to be in any space. It's an attempt to adapt to the location and take a flexible attitude. In the art pieces, each artist expresses the space in which they live and with a collaboration of works from the ‘Re;bounding’ exhibition in Seoul, the 13 artists explore their resolution and attitude towards facing the changing world.


Aeji Seo, Alistair Bamforth, Amy Gardner, Antonio Parker-Rees,Jennifer Cuthill, Olivia Leven, Emma Boiston, Gabriel Phipps, Rachy Mcewan, Rosa Park, Robyn Sands, Robert McCormack, Sam M Harley

Please note

One video exhibit features flashing lights on a small screen.




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Wheelchair accessible

Relaxed event

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