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WARM Sundays: Emily Furneaux

Sun 1 September 2019

Emily Furneaux

Emily Furneaux will share the beginnings of her newest project - ciggie stories of love and sorrow.

After finally managing to quit smoking this year, Furneaux is formulating a collection of twenty autobiographical tales in honour of her twenty year love affair with the cigarette. They will be released as a self-published artists’ book in the form of a cigarette box and as a collection of performances.

As well as performing her newest material, and providing cake in the shape of one giant cigarette, she will be reflecting on her practice as a whole. In particular, her most recent project – ‘She stepped backwards in front of the words behind her’ – a true account, experienced via audio link and map, of an episode of psychosis Furneaux experienced on the day of her 30th birthday.

Furneaux's projects are playful tanglings of narratives with autobiographical threads that become knotted and twisted within past, present and future terrains. She is in a transitional phase of her practice as she explores new vessels, outside the framework of the gallery, to contain her stories - in particular film, performance and writing.


WARM is a support network founded by and for women working as artists in Glasgow. It provides a space where women can discuss and develop their artistic practices and aims to explore ways of working that aid women and challenge the current accepted paradigm of artists working solely for their own self promotion.

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This event is open to anyone who identifies as a woman, including trans women and non-binary or genderfluid people who identify in a significant way as women or female.




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