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WARM Sundays: Natsumi Sakamoto

Sun 24 November 2019


Natsumi Sakamoto presents her latest project A Rowan Wards off Witches, a documentary film of her journey to interview women about Scottish superstitions and the witch-hunts.

The rowan tree (sorbus), native to Scotland and Japan, features in both countries’ folklore and also appeared in a memory shared by her grandmother. Inspired by a Scottish superstition “to grow a rowan tree in your garden to protect your family from witches”, she explores where and how this oral tradition remains today. Traveling across Scotland to the sites of the witch trials, interviews with local women reflect on what witch-hunts mean to them today.

For this event, she will show her latest film as well as some of her previous work, and talk about her journey. This event is open to all, families welcome.


WARM is a support network founded by and for women working as artists in Glasgow. It provides a space where women can discuss and develop their artistic practices and aims to explore ways of working that aid women and challenge the current accepted paradigm of artists working solely for their own self promotion.

WARM welcomes anyone who identifies as a woman, including trans women and non-binary or genderfluid people who identify in a significant way as women or female.

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2pm, Free (unticketed), Cinema / All ages
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