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Weird Weekend Crime Wave

Sun 3 June 2018

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Crime Wave (John Paizs, 1985) | 1hr 20m | English language, no subtitles

Awkward loner Steven Penny (John Paizs) turns out bizarre scenarios for colour crime movies. Steven wants to turn in the best colour crime movie ever, but he has a problem – he can only write beginnings and ends to his scripts. No middles! Living above a family garage in suburbia and befriended by the landlord’s ten-year-old daughter (Eva Kovacs), Steven toils on his scripts, zany ideas based on get-rich-quick schemes. Finally frustrated by his creative block, he sets out for Kansas to meet Dr Jolly (Neil Lawrie), a mysterious script doctor who promises to put him out of his misery.

“Imagine,” a recent review ran, “if Steve Buscemi’s character from Ghost World made a movie, with levels of deadpan that make Jim Jarmusch look like Baz Luhrmann…but with a lurid perversion in every lovingly Bolexed frame that would make Baz blush.” This unsung deadpan masterpiece screens from fully-restored 2K DCP.

Thanks to Winnipeg Film Group + Indy Cine Group | #MakeItWeird

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