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Glasgow Zine Fest

Why Collaboration Matters! A Zine Workshop!

Sat 2 July 2022

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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Relaxed event

Relaxed event

Quiet room available

A book titled "Shaped" lays on a page of drawings of a cartoon character with a triangular head.

BLUE Why Collaboration Matters A zine Workshop Glasgow Zine Library

We can forget how much everyday art is collaborative - books have writers, editors and illustrators; films and TV shows have writers, directors and camera crew. Audiences can also be a part of a collaborative process.

Unfinished Art Collective take unfinished or unloved art (from scrapbooks, notebooks etc), and edit, add, or use it as inspiration to give it a new lease of life and give the original piece some new perspective. Seeing how what you created made someone else create is a great way to see the good in your own work. In this workshop, we will work together to create stories and develop ideas in the form of collaborative zines, passing around empty zines and adding to them one page at a time, responding to each other's work as we go.

Facilitator Bio

Miggy is a London based storyteller, singer, poet, bee enthusiast, and half of Unfinished art collective - a collaborative space for people to create and share from each others unfinished or discarded work.

Queer Youth Art Collective (QYAC) has run workshops at London’s The Outside Project for LGBTQ young people 18-26 since August 2019. The project delivers newly commissioned workshops by LGBTQ artists and youth forums for attendees to discuss their practice and socialise. These alternate weekly on Sundays.

Our primary aims are to challenge isolation, provide free and engaging arts workshops and build skills and infrastructure for a resilient, peer-led LGBTQ arts and education culture in London and throughout the UK.

We currently run 2 groups: ONLINE on ZOOM & OFFLINE From The Outside Project’s Community centre in CENTRAL LONDON.


This event will include: sharing work that has been created in the workshop.

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Wheelchair accessible

Relaxed event

Quiet room available

Tickets no longer available

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