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Glasgow Zine Fest

Within/Between: A Community Shorts Screening

Sat 2 July 2022

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Wheelchair accessible

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Relaxed event

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A still from Boundaries Beetle depicting an animated stag beetle in conversation with a figure made of mushrooms.

'Boundaries Beetle' Animated Short by Sara Noe, Maryam Gabriel and David Phillips

A curated selection of short films made by talented members of the GZF community invites us to consider the bonds between us, the moments in which they are formed, the moments in which they are lost, and how we choose to remember, change and build together. Collectivity, heritage, memory, grief and transformation converge and diverge in this diverse selection of films that span documentary, animation and experimental forms. There will be a 15 minute interval during this screening.


The Living Room Library
Ingrid Francis, 04:06

Salford Zine Library is a unique archive of self-published materials based in Manchester. When COVID-19 forces the zine library team to rethink logistics, it is kept in a living room for safe keeping, but the contributions keep coming in.

Lord Build Me A Cabin

Reg Arthur / Hunk Williams, 03:34

A short experimental documentary mixing together elements of 16mm abstract animation & shot footage of faux Union banner carrying. Audio reminisces on life in the Welsh valleys throughout the years; culture, industry, the NHS. A contemporary look at Welsh culture, queerness & unity.

My Dad's Video Diary

Debora Bottino, 16:07

After a former computer repairer is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, home videotapes provide a way for his son to reconnect with him.

Julia Darrouy, 02:47

Different colored shapes, triangles, squares, circles, all come together to create bigger shapes and even create some volume. They are all different, red, blue, yellow but they can come together and build something collectively, whilst retaining their sense of self and autonomy, as individuals and unique shapes. This is a non verbal stop motion video, featuring mouth sound music.

Zine There Done That

Fergus, 07:57

As Ana recovers from a serious mental health breakdown, she discovers the potential for zines to rebuild her life and rediscover her voice. This intimate documentary is captured on an eclectic mix of formats to mirror the delicate piecing together of Ana and her connection to the underground mental health zine community in the UK. A tender, creative, and ultimately empowering look at how art can bring people together to take ownership of their lives.


Remode Youth, 04:19

Made by young people during lockdown, a short film exploring feelings of isolation.


Emma Ramsay, 01:42

Penn-ar-Bed, a moving image piece, is based on the loss of culture that comes with the loss of language. Focusing on the insular Celtic language Breton, the work is a reflection of the deprivation of heritage that happens when an orally transmitted culture is heavily discouraged, almost to the point of extinction, by the government. In part a fictional collective memory, in part an attempt to reconnect with my family history, the film is Brittany as I have come to know it as an adult.

My Own Personal Lebanon

Theo Panagopoulos, 15:42

A short documentary following the attempts of a young Greek filmmaker to connect with his distant Lebanese half by discovering his mother's secret stories of the war. The film explores the emotional tension between national and personal identity through a conversation in a car, two installations in Athens, a book about Beirut and three spoken languages.

An Ending, A Beginning.

Freya Yeates, 02:29

Through a story of butterfly metamorphosis this film explores collective grief and loss as a potentially transformative force to develop community and construct better ways of living and thinking together.


Suri Park-Woo, 05:06

What happens when animals go extinct? What is the next step for this chaotic coexistence place? Who should take ownership of this earth?

Boundaries Beetle

Sara Noe, Maryam Gabriel and David Phillips, 02:51

A trippy ride through the feelings of setting boundaries with even your closest of friends. A poetic back and forth of dueling perspectives of the day to day emotions of this thing called life as seen through the characters of a beetle and a walking talking mushroom.

(...fragment 8)

TOMMO, 01:24

(...fragment 8) is a film poem by arts collective, TOMMO. This film sensitively deals with the issues of loneliness, sensory processing and the difficulties associated with isolation.


Emily Beaney, 14:10

'Deviant’ is an experimental moving-image project that seeks to represent lived experiences of endometriosis. Addressing health inequalities and ‘diagnostic imperialism’, which exerts power over who has access to support and who does not, this project examines the label of ‘deviance’ when applied to bodies, using endometriosis as a potent example of pain being side-lined as deviance. Working collaboratively with a group of women in Scotland, multi-sensory approaches to representation aim to reveal the internal sensations, thoughts and emotions of endometriosis experience that are lived in, through and between bodies.

Commissioned and supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Creative Scotland. Developed during Hospitalfield Interdisciplinary Residency 2021. With thanks to EXPPECT.

Collaborators: The EndoWarriors / Producer: BOP / Analogue Mentoring: Lydia Beilby / Sound Artist: Amble Skuse / Movement Mentor: Rachel Drazek.

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