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The Village Storytelling Festival

Wolf Girl

Thu 7 July 2022

Tickets no longer available
BSL interpretation

BSL interpretation

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Storyteller, Daiva Ivanuskaite, is standing looking upwards with her eyes closed.

Image credit: Gintare Kulyte

Daiva Ivanauskaitė, Author and Storyteller

Agnė Čepaitytė, Singer

Kristina Meilutė, Photographer and Designer

Andy Gunn, Graphics

This is a true story from the past that echoes in our present – the story of Ingrid Ramm from Königsberg, a city under attack, a city that no longer exists. After WWII thousands of orphans from East Prussia travelled to Lithuania in search of food and shelter. These children are known as Wolfskinder. Ingrid Ramm was one of them, a lonely young refugee who fought for survival with the help of imagination, determination and luck. Daiva‘s family opened their doors to the Wolf Girl.

This storytelling performance combines fragile memories, fantastic tales and classical German songs – the ones Ingrid's mother used to sing.

A Q&A with the artists from Wolf Girl and Voices of Peace will follow.

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8:00pm — 9:00pm




Tickets: Free for festival pass holders
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BSL interpretation

Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available