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Clarinda Tse 雍記

womb gloop - Act 1 Hearts

Fri 23 February 2024

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

A photo of a Clarinda, they hold a sale like object reminiscent of dried sea weed and have plastic around their neck.

‘Sonar ( ; ; ) Sauna’ at Take Me Somewhere 2023 Glasgow, photo by Rae-Yen Song

Leaning into the lunar observation, “womb gloop” is an amphibian algae womb who clarifies, gathers, rubs, ruptures, stations, half-closes, senses, traces, wraps, unwinds in the synergy of heat and humidity.

They collect hearts, wear them across their bodies. These hearts are ready for birthing. In the weight of the hearts, bursted are leaking jellies. Reenact the evolving of this being, wagging weighted tail. Balancing bacterial colonies. Growing patchy. Reach by the thread, sharpened handles as picks. Breathing through the skin.

The performance features foraged seaweed from Kintyre - Ellary and Carsaig (from a bright summer day and pre-storm autumn day), plastic packaging, and a scallop-edge dish and soldered holder made by fionn duffy. The clay of the dish is foraged from Bragar, Lewis which is mixed with reclaimed stoneware, the glaze is goat milk with some splashes of pine roisin.

The performance continues across three dates, with each opening around 40 minutes. Act 1 hearts. Act 2 tails. Act 3 toes.


The piece is highly visual and contains no text.

Clarinda Tse 雍記

Clarinda Tse is an interdisciplinary performance maker, bodyworker and facilitator, Hong Kong-born and Glasgow-based. Their work explores emergent compositions of material ecologies and bodies as agency for worlding. Their habitat is sensual, slippery, more-than-human, transitional, drawn from everyday experience, multiplicities of selves, play and cellular reconciliation.

Recent works have been shown and supported by Take Me Somewhere Festival 2023, Deveron Projects, Huntly (2022), The Work Room, Glasgow (2022), BUZZCUT Double Thrills (2022), P////ARKT, Amsterdam (2021), Ekso Space, Cyprus (2021), Unfix Festival (2021), Present Futures (2021), Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (2020), Bothy Project, Edinburgh (2020), Market Gallery, Glasgow (2019).

This event is part of the live programme for life-bestowing cadaverous soooooooooooooooooooot a research exhibition collated by Rae-Yen Song 宋瑞渊.




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6:00pm — 7:00pm


All ages


Free and unticketed


Wheelchair accessible