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Yon Afro Collective In Our Own Words

Mon 14 August 2017

In Our Own Words, Yon Afro Collective

Yon Afro Collective (YAC) includes women of colour from around the world, but who live here. We came together, as a non-hierarchical collective of women of colour in Scotland, with a shared dedication to improving the lives of such women. Our work aims to connect solitary experiences to a global experience of movement, marginalisation and migration. Through small but crucial spaces, such as our locker at the CCA, we aim to make change, educate and engage. We have often lived in the words and worlds of others, rarely reading about experiences similar to our own, written by women similar to ourselves.

This free workshop is our darkness made bright and brought out into the light. As part of it, we reflect on our ideas and feelings surrounding the terms “darkness” and “lightness”, in line with the focus on the power of words at the core of The House That Heals The Soul. This event involves the launch of our recently crafted zine. It features discussion of what words in our favourite books, magazines and online content, have meant to us whilst navigating life as women of colour in Scotland. In our own words, and through reflecting on those of inspiring writers, we showcase and speak about writing that is important to us. We invite you to participate in dialogue about Yon Afro Collective, in addition to the libraries of written work that have shaped your lives as well as ours.

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6pm, Free but ticketed, CCA Galleries
All ages
Book online / 0141 352 4900