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Zandalee | Cage-a-rama 2

Sun 6 January 2019


Zandalee (Sam Pillsbury, 1991) 1hr 44m

The French Quarter, New Orleans, summer. The heat, the jazz, the sin. Zandalee Martin (Erika Anderson) and her husband Thierry (Judge Reinhold) are content with a comfortable but dull routine until an intruder shatters their complacency. Johnny Collins (Nicolas Cage) and Thierry were once starving artists together. Now Johnny moves a part of Zandalee she thought had died and their heat soon flares into passion and their hunger is insatiable. Zandalee tumbles deeper and deeper into a terrifying obsession and Thierry is consumed with pain and hatred. Inevitably there will be a final, futile battle. A battle none of them can win.

Thanks to Park Circus

Screening as part of Cage-a-rama 2: Cage Uncaged | #BringCage2Glasgow

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