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Feminist Exchange Network

A Peatland Paradigm Shift: workshop with RE-PEAT

Fri 5 November 2021

Tickets no longer available
Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

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RE-PEAT is a European youth-led, predominantly woman- and non-binary collective, with members in the Netherlands, Italy, UK, Ireland, Germany, Estonia, which is working to bring about a peatland paradigm shift. RE-PEAT actively include feminist organising principles in their work and have recently published their RE-PEAT Manifesto online.

During this session, RE-PEAT will invite participants to co-create an immersive, imaginative experience. Currently we seem unable to collectively and individually dream up alternative systems, challenge the one that has so evidently failed and begin putting a plurality of new ideas into motion on a large-scale. RE-PEAT believe what we need is a paradigm shift and reimagination revolution!

The workshop will explore the dominant perception of peatlands, and challenge and reimagine this perspective - finding instead the layered values of peatlands and their reimagining capacity. The session will explore the future of peatlands, how peatlands intersect with feminism and our economic paradigm, and what are alternative ways for us to relate to peatlands.


RE-PEAT is a European youth-led, predominantly woman and non-binary collective who is working to bring about a peatland paradigm shift. We actively include feminist organising principles in our work.

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Wheelchair accessible

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