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Scottish Queer International Film Festival

Aspects of the Embodied Self

Sat 9 October 2021

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SDH captioning

SDH captioning

BSL interpretation

BSL interpretation

Two pale arms cross in front of a person’s back, with black lines that appear drawn on to the image circling the arms.


In each of the films in this screening, people take centre stage as they offer us insight and a more challenging way of thinking about body image.

Exploring the theme of perceptions of our bodies that challenge normative thinking, these films are platforms for discussions on disability, mental health, and body image in relation to our sense of ourselves as sexual beings.

Featuring Aorta Films’ intersectional view of queer bodies in formations and digital genitals.

Curated by Jamie Rea. Followed by a conversation with trans artist Ivor MacAskill and non-binary artist Rosana Cade about the themes in the films.

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SDH captioning

BSL interpretation

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Various directors, Canada, Iran, UK, USA, N/C 18+, English and French audio.