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Human Impacts Institute

Climate Crossroads: Stories of Indigenous Women and Youth Leaders

Tue 2 November — Thu 4 November 2021

Climate leader Elvia Dagua Guatatuca illustrated, surrounded by the lush green forests of Ecuador and the Quechua People

Elvia Dagua Guatatuca (San Jacinto del Pindo Commune, Ecuador) Illustrated by Bolanle Adeboye (Nigeria)

The Climate Crossroads series sheds light on 10 inspiring Indigenous climate leaders, from the Global South, championing resilience in the face of the climate crisis.

The Climate Crossroads series of Human Impact Stories sheds light on the lives and work of 10 inspiring Indigenous climate leaders from the Global South who are championing resilience in the face of the climate crisis. These incredible individuals have shared stories from their communities, knowledge from their ancestors, and a glimpse into their lives as climate activists, women’s rights advocates, and Indigenous caretakers of the land. The original portraits were illustrated by 10 Indigenous/Afro-Descendant artists who used their creative talents to embody the leadership of our climate leaders in inspiring and beautiful ways. The Human Impacts Institute inspire climate action by amplifying new voices of leadership, sharing resources for resilience, and creating innovative ways to come together to ensure environmental and social justice in our communities.

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