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Creative Lab Residency

Eothen Stearn

Mon 3 February — Sun 1 March 2020

Eothen Stearn

Eothen Stearn’s art roams between the intimacy of personal relations, the detail of everyday life, music, feminism, queerness and science fiction. Eo is interested in craft, memory, emotions and modalities of speech.

Her practice incorporates sculpture, performance and sound, which, although appearing different from each other in their materialities and temporalities, are made of the same attitude; one that looks into everyday politics.

Eo will spend three weeks researching and producing a new strand of work that deals with Feminist philosophy, mysticism, aphrodisiacs and hormones. This will create new clusters of artwork that channels specific people, events, objects and periods culminating in an evening séance open to the public. She also plans to engage with the Glasgow Seed Library.

Working with her hands and voice, she will open these ruminations in an event on Thursday 27 February.

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