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Hyojun Hyun and Rodrigo Red Sandoval: Scattered Sights

Fri 24 September — Sat 23 October 2021

A view through a mesh fence of a body of water and an urban riverscape. There are panels with graffiti on the fencing.

Rodrigo Sandoval

Where are we when we are looking?

We carry glances like shells and rocks we find on the beach or a fiver by the sidewalk. Fragments of reality slide over the scleras of our eyes. In our heads everything blends. We piece together the glimpses of newspaper tabloids, the protests on the square and the furry jacket that Alex was wearing that afternoon; what comes out is a multilayered map of potential meaning.

Experience is complex. The first images we get in the morning quickly get dirty with older concepts and memories, like the trash on the shore of the canal that secretly colours and flavours the water. Getting older is like stacking geological layers in our inner mountain range. From the top of these mountains you extend your arm to pay the cashier for your Greggs delicacy. Who says we cannot be in two places at the same time?

Contemporary archeologists is what we are; we dig the mountains looking for pieces of glass to look through, to look at the world. We try to make sense of what we are really looking at, on what are we really focusing on - is it the green of glass, is it the landscape, or is the knowledge that the glass once was a beer container. How do all of this connect?

Where are we while we are walking? Where are we when we are looking? Scattered Sights is an exhibition with painting and sculpture by Hyojun Hyun and Rodrigo Red Sandoval about mining the present.

Funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

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Preview: Friday 24 September, 4pm-8pm