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Live-to-Air: Jasna Veličković/Cindy Islam/Lee Patterson

Tue 29 August 2023

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A person, head down, arms outstretched, head bent, is reaching out to the edges of a table laden with coils and springs.

Image courtesy of Yon Kwan Hee


Due to the UK-wide air traffic control issue on Monday, Jasna Veličković can no longer appear on Tuesday's scheduled line-up. She has now been added to Thursday's live-to-air programme.

You can contact Box Office with any ticket change requests.

In lieu, Radiophrenia have added an extra performance to this line-up:

Lee Patterson - Unseen Voices of an Invert Internet

In spring and summer 2022, Lee Patterson stumbled upon then began to search for and record the strange, structure borne sounds of insects and larvae within meadowlands, boglands, and brownfield sites.

Using contact microphones carefully attached to plants both alive and dead, he was able to 'plug in' to the earth, eavesdropping upon the sonic activities of invertebrates that inhabit grass, annual herbaceous plants, their root systems and top soil, where it seems that they exploit resonant and conductive properties in order to communicate without attracting predators.

After encountering and recording a variety of calls from the mostly unseen creatures, he now considers the enmeshed and entangled material of the meadow - a habitat as rich as a rainforest - to perform as a kind of vegetal insect internet where a tantalising variety of communicative yet enigmatic sounds may be heard.

Cindy Islam - The Land I Always Heard

In this live-to-air performance Cindy Islam uses audio visual excerpts from Iraq and the UK to render the soundscape of their migration. Contemplating human movement and the inaudible or unheard sound of land, Cindy Islam creates audio environments as a way to make discoveries and connections to their herstory. The performance combines synthesised sounds, spoken words of their family and field recordings, to reconsider ways of hearing history and using techniques of listening to inform better futures. Conscious of the western gaze and the disaporic privilege to revisit war torn lands, Cindy Islam focuses on the micros, minutus and mundane, honing in on the overlooked repetitious loops of everyday experiences and noises.

Cindy Islam is a sound artist and performer inspired by Sufi principles of sound as a divination tool, a way to reconnect to the origins of creation aka the first sound, also referenced to some as 'God'. Absent of any musical training, Cindy Islam approaches the decolonisation of sound-making through a celebration of the amateur; collaging and layering synthesised noises, frequencies, field recordings and archival sounds from their migrations between Iraq, London and Scotland. With the intention to provide a sense of access, Islam constantly reminds audiences 'the sounds are found and not created, only reheard'. For the previous five years Cindy Islam has developed the project Fossilised Frequencies and founded Listen Gallery, a sound arts space in Glasgow. Both ventures consider sound art as a method toward strengthening listening practices and using different variations of internal/external frequencies to retune to essence of love.

Lee Patterson - Terrain

As a live, improvised music work, Terrain is an experiment in chemical and mechanical sound synthesis, it may or may not feature the amplification and activation of materials ranging from rock chalk to burning nuts and seeds; old cd players and their motors; effervescent salts to amplified springs and vibrating metal to buzzing ampoules.

Lee Patterson uses sound making and recording to devise performances with a selection of amplified objects, devices and processes. Based in Prestwich, Manchester, UK., he works internationally and has featured on UK TV, BBC Radios 3, 4 and 6, Resonance FM and on radio stations worldwide.

Patterson will also perform Unseen Voices of an Invert Internet in lieu of the rescheduling of Jasna Veličković.

Jasna Veličković - Velicon (moved to Thursday)

Jasna is a Belgrade-born Dutch composer and performer based in Amsterdam. Her „being in love with the sound“ coupled with an enduring interest in an intricate encounter between music and technology and her strong inclination toward sound experimentation represent the key elements of her artistic development.

Her work gradually evolved into an ongoing research project dubbed „The Art of Coil“: an investigation into the musical capacities of the (electro)magnetic field, both as the source of sound and the compositional material. Her years-long explorations included animating traditional instruments with electromagnetic waves and consequently playing these instruments without touching them, the construction of a new instrument—the Velicon—an electronic system consisting of a changeable configuration of magnets and metal objects animated by coils and, quite recently, the reintroduction of the traditional instruments into the creative process.

Commissioned as part of Radiophrenia’s two week long radio broadcasts, brought to you live from their studio at CCA Glasgow. Funded through Creative Scotland’s Open Project Funding.

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