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Creative Lab Residency

NEW VENUE Katie Shannon

Mon 6 August — Fri 31 August 2018

Katie Shannon

Please note, this residency has moved to The Lighthouse, 11 Mitchell Lane.

Following the fire at Glasgow School of Art and the O2 ABC music venue, the Centre for Contemporary Arts remains within the cordoned area in Garnethill. At this time, there is no set date for re-entry, and the centre expects to remain closed for the duration of July and August.

We are working with our programme partners who had scheduled events throughout this period. Details of new venues and cancellations are here.

Thank you to all the organisations and individuals who have offered support to us, our programme partners and our cultural tenants.

Katie will be developing written and sonic research related to found kinship, cover songs, shared bathing and the end of the night, produced via expanded printmaking processes and a feral feminism:

‘But I can’t quite remember feeling real’ The Last Song

I’ve been thinking a lot about the act of bathing as an event in and of itself. An ecstatic, often melancholic state of shared kinship, escapism and transformation.

In particular baths had in-between parties; on a personal anecdotal front of loving images washing friends hairs, sliding in and out of shared consciousness, sloshed, sloshing, supported by another body, soundtracked by celebratory end of the night tracks. A fragile mutual disposition.

Related scenes of solidarity in the slipperiness of water appear throughout cinema spanned over decades; other’d personalities come together via filmic heroines who share a joy of a certain kind of life. An example being the protagonists of Ester Krumbachová and Vera Chytilová’s Daises’ back and forth in their overflowing tub.

“How do I know I exist” … “Because of you”.

From a conceptual viewpoint by ‘bath in between the party’ I’m referring to living in purgatory states on the cusp of the age of Technic (see Federico Campagna). Feedback loops of other times and hauntings of promised futures which never physically materialised, but never died; as Mark Fisher puts it ‘in conditions of digital recall, loss is itself lost’. And of songs which run through time and history, culturally connecting effigies of dots.

Over the Creative Lab month, I will develop these research stands into time, place, ecstatic pursuit, solidarity and hauntology. Musician Maria Rossi (Cucina Povera) and I will produce a reinterpretation of a track which sonically, lyrically, and emotionally resonates with the aforementioned themes called The Last Song by T21 (a cold wave band formed in Lille, France 1981), coupled with the development of moving image works made in liquid situations with mates, archives of notes, drawings and found material from film.


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