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Sedimentos + Trans Representation and Wellbeing in Film (Panel Discussion)

Fri 3 December 2021

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English subtitling

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

A group of trans women standing on a rock, surrounded by bushes. In the background, a mountain peak is covered by fog.


Spanish & Latin American cinema mavericks CinemaAttic present Adrián Silvestre's second feature SEDIMENTOS as part of Scotland's Catalan Film Festival.

Magdalena decides to celebrate her twenty-fifth birthday in Puente de Alba, the tiny town of the Montana Central Leonesa that saw her grow up, before moving to Barcelona and starting her gender transition. She goes on the trip with five colleagues from I-Vaginarium, a group of transsexual women with whom she will share an intense week in unusual natural landscapes, exploring the ins and outs of their personalities, looking for answers about what unites them and learning to deal with their differences.

Settled in the everyday lives of six Spanish trans women, Sedimentos takes its audience on a weekend away with half a dozen of the most charming, distinct, joyful, and intriguing film subjects around. A literal and figurative excavation of trans life that continues the filmmaker’s exploration of love, identity, collective, and individuality.

Post-screening panel discussion: Sedimentos and Trans Representation and Wellbeing in Film

A group of trans women from Barcelona go on a rural trip, exchanging stories about their experiences. Is it a story of victimization or a story of collective resilience and overcoming? This panel discussion will bring together a group of trans, queer, and feminist perspectives to reflect on this question and others in connection with Adrian Silvestre’s documentary Sedimentos. Audience members are invited to join the discussion, which will touch on various aspects relating to trans representation in cinema and documentary filmmaking, trans inclusion, and trans wellbeing.

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English subtitling

Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available

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